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Cherry Ambition

This is the official Cherry Ambition Brand Yourself Business page. If this wasn't your intended destination, please click on "LINKS" above to find the webpage/blog you were looking for.

I currently have 3 different active Cherry Ambition blogs (on Tumblr, WordPress & Buzznet), in addition to my Twitter profile and YouTube pages where I blog/re-blog/vlog/tweet about my favorite things (quotes, music, art, food, home decor, fashion, beaches, etc.), and life in general.

Cherry Ambition's Background

Cherry Ambition's Interests & Activities

My specific interests: Daydreaming. Music. Especially Rock. Collaging. Interior design. Funky home decor. Fashion. Tattoos. Nose Rings. Red Hair. Redheads. Alternative hair colors (orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink). Graphic design. Yorkshire Terriers. Shih Tzus. Summer. Hawaii. Bermuda. Florida. The beach. Coastal beaches. Amusement parks. Vegan foods & cooking. Good listeners. Financial independence. Overall independence. Ambition. Being MY OWN boss. Being REAL. Creating MY OWN brand of cool. Being MY OWN hero.

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